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Services & Payments

Commitment to you!

Whether we are the right fit for you or not, we are committed and passionate about helping people connect with competent care. Please contact us, and if for whatever reason we cannot help you, we will assist in pairing you with viable leads that will be a better fit for you – free of charge. Please don’t let finances stop you from reaching out and taking this step for yourself.


SWPA therapist fees vary depending on education, experience, and expertise. Fees range from $150-$210 per session. 

We fully understand the struggle with finding a therapist is two fold: finding a good “therapeutic fit” and also a good financial fit. Further, we acknowledge that psychotherapy is a significant financial investment, and as with all investments, not everyone can afford to invest at the highest level. To this end, all SWPA therapists hold a certain number of spots in their schedule available for clients who may need to utilize our sliding scale, which is on a first come, first serve basis. Please contact us to inquire about sliding scale available.

Payment and cancellation policy:

  • Cash, checks, and credit cards are accepted
  • Appointments canceled without 24 business hours’ notice will be charged the fee of the session.


SWPA is considered out-of-network with insurance panels, and do not do in-house billing. The way that works for clients using out-of-network benefits is clients initially pay for their session out of pocket and we provide you a “superbill” for the service that includes all the billing information your insurance requires. You then submit the superbill to your insurance (usually just a simple online upload) and most people are reimbursed within a week or two of filing. Please call your insurance company and ask about your “Out of network coverage for mental or behavioral health”.

Services we offer:

  • Individual psychotherapy
  • Adults
  • Adolescents & Young Adult
    • ADHD, Failure to Launch, College Counseling
  • Relationships
    • Couples, Marriage, Pre-Marital
  • Non-traditional Relationships
    • Open, Polyamorous, Kinky
  • Family therapy
  • Group therapy
  • LGBTQ+ competent care (more than simply affirming)
  • Trauma-Informed Care
    • EMDR, Hypnosis, Psychodrama
  • Sex Therapy
    • LGBTQ+ issues, Gender expansive issues, Performance, Disorders (struggles with thoughts impacting, Compulsive sexual behaviors
  • Addictions
    • Substances and Process (gambling, eating, etc)
  • Anxiety
    • PTSD, Generalized, Social, Performance
  • Presentations, Seminars, workshops, and retreats