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Brandy (she/her) finds great passion in her work to help young, neuro-diverse humans find confidence in their strengths, and safely explore new skill sets to fortify their growth areas.

In 2009, Brandy’s clinical work began in child & adolescent therapy, to address struggles with learning disabilities, test anxiety, developmental disorders, behavioral regulation, phobias, and confidence-building.

As an adjunct faculty member for the University of Houston, Brandy taught Development of Social Relations in the Family, and Introduction to Psychological Careers. She also presented at the national conference for the Association of Higher Education and Disability (AHEAD) on collaboration and communication with faculty, and doing more with less.

For the last five years in the field of Higher Education, Brandy has facilitated access to- and enforcement of ADA accommodations for students with disabilities, and provided counseling services available to the general student body.

Brandy’s educational background includes a Bachelor’s of Science in psychology, and a Master’s of Education in counseling psychology, both from the University of Houston. Additionally, she is certified as a Hypnotherapist, specializing in pediatric hypnotherapy.

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